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BoatUS Membership

A BoatUS Membership is the best way for us to assist you on the water. The following is a list of services we provide BoatUS Members that are included with a Freshwater Unlimited or Unlimited Gold Membership.

Non-Member Tows

We can tow anyone, regardless of if you're a BoatUS Member (although you should be). Non-Member Rates start at $200 per hour for towing, jump starts, and fuel delivery (plus price of fuel) and $20 per foot for ungroundings.

  • Towing - Anywhere on Lake Texoma
  • Jump Starts - Get a dead battery going
  • Fuel Delivery - ethanol-free fuel
  • Soft Ungroudings - Pulling your vessel off a shoal area or shore.
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Salvage Services we offer:

  • Pump-Out - Dewater a boat that has been overtaken by waves (usually no other damage).
  • Salvage - This includes sunk boats and PWCs. Our team of professional salvors has experience with boats of all sizes and all types.
  • Wreck Removal - Handle removal of boats that are damaged beyond repair.
  • Environmental Mitigation - Fuel/Oil Containment, Pollution Control, Clean Up, and Source Removal
  • Diving - Our team is all certified divers. No matter what your recovery needs are, we can help.
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Our Team

Our team of USCG-Certified Captains are highly trained and experienced in towing, salvage, and diving. We are all local to Lake Texoma and know more about the lake, the marinas, and the area than anyone. We know the weather, and we know how to keep you and your boat safe. We take pride in providing professional, courteous, and quick service when you need us the most.

Capt Michael Tucker

Capt Chris Gumm

Capt Tim Bilderback

Capt Joe Winner

Capt Mason Tidwell

Capt Craig Reed

Our Fleet

TowBoatUS Lake Texoma operates 6 boats located at 4 marinas on Lake Texoma. We maintain our boats to the highest standards to make sure you can count on us and our equipment when we come to assist you.


Answers to the most common questions, plus a breakdown of two BoatUS Membership Options

Big Water Cowboys, LLC dba TowBoatUS Lake Texoma is a licensed service provider for Geico BoatUS. We are a team of highly trained, coast guard certified captains that offer assistance towing to vessels in distress. In addition to assistance towing, we also are divers and salvors who have a ton of experience recovering vessels of any size and PWCs that are sinking/sunk/damaged/wrecked.

We cover ALL of Lake Texoma. From the dam to Sheppard Annex (and beyond), and up the Washita Arm to the Cumberland Dam, we can assist you. We operate 6 boats out of 4 marinas across the lake and are always expanding. This allows us to assist you more quickly, minimizing the time your wait times and getting you home safely.

For BoatUS Unlimited or Unlimtied Gold Members, towing, jump starts, fuel deliveries, and soft ungroudings are included with your membership.

For non-members, a typical tow costs between $300 and $600.

BoatUS is the nation’s largest on-the-water towing fleet. With over 800,000 members and 300 TowBoatUS Ports to assist you, becoming a member of BoatUS with 24/7 assistance on any boat you own, borrow, or charter.

You’re welcome to call us here locally at 903.267.0767 and we can sign you up over the phone.

You can also signup online through the BoatUS website using our link

If you sign up online, we’d appreciate it if you used our code. While it doesn’t provide a discount, it helps us out here locally on Lake Texoma. Our code is WT13014I

BoatUS offers 3 memberships depending on your service area and needs. They are as follows:

Freshwater Unlimited ($99/yr) – Covers you on Inland Lakes and Rivers for towing, jump starts, fuel delivers, and soft ungroundings on any boat that you own, borrow, or charter.

Saltwater Unlimited ($165/yr) – Same as above but covers you on offshore

** Freshwater and Saltwater Unlimited cover 50% of your tow from a home dock to a ramp or repair facility **

Unlimited Gold ($200/yr) – Covers all of the above (freshwater and saltwater) PLUS adds full coverage of dock-to-dock tows. If you keep your boat in a slip at a marina, or travel to both freshwater and saltwater, this membership is the best option.

A “soft ungrounding” is when we can use one boat to pull your vessel off of shore or a shoal area in 30 minutes or less.

If we can’t, it becomes a “Salvage” (see below)

A “Salvage” is a word the maritime world uses to cover a variety of vessel distress scenarios. We know it sounds scary, but it’s a generic word to describe services that are not “Towing”

Most likely, if we are going to take a vessel to “Salvage” it means that we will work with your insurance company/underwriter to get the vessel from its location to somewhere safe where it can be inspected/repaired/salvaged.

When we go to “Salvage” we will discuss it with you ahead of time and figure out the best plan to recover the vessel.

Salvage could be something as simple as a “Pump-Out” which is dewatering the boat, or “Wreck Removal” which is recovering a vessel that is no longer usable.

Our Salvage Rates very depending on services and severity. Sometimes we charge by-the-foot and sometimes we charge “Time and Material”.

Our team is pros at both salvage work and working with insurance carriers to get the best possible outcome.

It’s true that a lot of insurance providers are now offering towing and emergency as part of your policy. It’s kind of like roadside assistance for your car. That being said, a BoatUS Membership is an affordable way to make sure you receive priority service from the nation’s largest towing fleet without any additional out-of-pocket expenses. Instead of having to submit our invoice for reimbursement, you can sign up for BoatUS and be covered.

Your BoatUS Towing Membership goes into effect at midnight the day of signup.

For Unlimited Gold, the dock-to-dock coverage goes into effect 30 days after signup.

To see a more thorough FAQ about BoatUS Membership, visit

Cover for TowBoatUS Lake Texoma
TowBoatUS Lake Texoma

TowBoatUS Lake Texoma

We specialize in on-the-water towing, battery jump starts, ungroundings, fuel deliveries, dive servi

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On Thursday afternoon, our 911 dispatch called to ask for mutual aid on a boat fire in a marina spreading to other boats. Kudos to the Marina staff and area First Responders who were able to contain the fire to one boat. Our crew worked through the evening and following morning to prevent environmental issues by removing the source (getting the boat out). This was more challenging than some since it was sitting on a burned lift in the slip. The boomed area contained the debris but also means that’s where we are working. If you haven’t smelled burnt fiberglass before, it’s a smell you don’t forget. We were able to safely and cleanly remove the burnt boat and load it without any further impacts. ... See MoreSee Less
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This 32’ Carver had a hose come off its thru-hull causing it to sink in the slip. Our team was able to raise the boat back up, pump it out, clean up environmental, and get her out of the water. Make sure to check and know your insurance policy to help minimize costs of our services. If you have questions or need assistance, call us. ... See MoreSee Less
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TowBoatUS Lake Texoma
This Thanksgiving, we're towing our gratitude to you for being the anchor of our TowBoatU.S. family. Your support has kept us afloat, reminding us that, much like family, we're there for each other through every journey on the water. Wishing you smooth sailing and joyous moments!Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! ... See MoreSee Less
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TowBoatUS Lake Texoma
TowBoatUS Lake Texoma ... See MoreSee Less
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